The Valley where Mordarium is located. In addition to the recorded settlements there are dozens of nomadic and semi nomadic peoples that also roam the land. Surrounded on three sides by mountains and water on the fourth, The Valley is a secluded place with a constant power struggle among the civilizations in proximity of each other. Map segments 1A-1F.
The Key. Color scheme and their associated denominations.
Contains Map sections 1B,1D, and 1F. The right side of the Valley where Mordarium is located. Mordarium rules this side of the landscape, but moderately fairly. Hence the higher quantity of densely populated settlements.
Contains Map segments 1A,1C, and 1E. The left side of the Valley where Mordarium is located. Ruled by the bandits that reside in Velnias on the Southeastern border mercilessly. The settlements that remain here are stout and crude and fight nearly as dirty as the Velnians.
Map section 1A. Shows the settlements of Matkaaja; Pop 809. and Paladum; Pop 4,271.
Map section 1B. Shows the Isle of Alexander; Pop 0. and Nortium; Pop 1,052.
Map section 1C. Shows the settlement of Velnias; Pop. 4,500.
Map section 1D. Shows the settlements of Voras; Pop. 1,676. Mordarium; Pop. 20,071. DuPaul’s Mound; Pop. 1. Plodan Farm; Pop. 691.
Map section 1E. No settlements due to proximity of the Velnians and Fokad Mountains to the South. Area of the Valley still ruled by mostly nomadic wildlife.
Map section 1F. Shows the settlement of Delfair; Pop. 2,121.
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