Supplemental Series; Nero Episode 1

A mad mans’ focus is shifted. Truths surface after a cascade of lies. An enemy becomes a villain.

Episode begins @1:49

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Also, if you prefer to read the story instead of listen, the You Are All Alone book 1 will be available soon and links will be provided as soon as it is ready! Just waiting on some cover artwork

As promised here is the new episode of You Are All Alone! If you like the show visit my storefront for access to a ton of cool You Are All Alone merch! As always we greatly appreciate your support in any way you can provide it. Whether it’s a small donation or simply a rate and review on iTunes, it all goes a long way. Make sure to listen to the first 2 minutes and last 2 minutes for updates and tons of info about what’s to come. Stickers are now available so let me know if you want some and I will get them to you!

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Listen here:
Download Supplemental Nero 1 here: Nero Supplemental 1

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