Episode 23-The Precipice

Take a breath as you stand on the precipice, your life, your destiny hanging precariously in the balance. Which way will the scale tip as the dive through the darkness begins. No turning back. No surrender. The time is now.

Episode begins @3:23

As mentioned on the episode see the links below to our various websites where you can find everything You Are All Alone! Don’t forget to check out the book version of You Are All Alone on Amazon, available in Kindle and Paperback version.

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Promo featuring Christian & Damon’s Amazing Nerd Show Christian & Damon’s Amazing Nerd Show

Also, if you miss me in your down time I work on another Podcast called A Podcast About Something. Check it out!
A Podcast About Something

Listen to the Episode here:
Download the Episode here: The Precipice

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