Other Nick Richardson Projects

Narration of Chapter 1 of the epic novel Halo: The Fall of Reach

A weekly podcast about Something, Everything, and Nothing
1.)My involvement begins @ episode 48 titled “2018 Movie Superlatives (Part 1)”
A Podcast About Something

Crime Audio Drama
1.) “Coyote’s Bluff” as Casey
Coyote’s Bluff

Star Wars Audio Drama
1.)STAR WARS: Edge of the Empire Life and Death on the Rim
2.) The Mandalore-Coming Soon
The Mandalore as The Trooper

1.) Batman: The Holiday Murders as Jim Gordon and Alberto Falcone

Horror Audio Production:
1.) “My Kid Brother”
Download: My Kid Brother
2.) “My Reflection”
Download: My Reflection

Other Audio Drama’s
1.) He Who Forsakes the Crown as Jacob Windham

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