Supplemental Episode 3-BaBa

Welcome back to Supplemental Episode 3 for BaBa. A new series of characters unveiled, actions of some will result in long-ranging consequences for others.

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Symbol of Cambyces God of the son and King of the Gods, Oralia Goddess of the Moon and mother of the Gods, Phyrus God of Fire and War, Aquina Goddess of Water and Health, Palatum Goddess of the Earth and Harvest, and Tsanum Goddess of Air and Creation.
Staffs of each priest denomination.
Priest of Cambyces. All priests have a black band tattooed around their neck signifying that the gods own them body and mind.
All priests were same clothing.
All priests have sleeveless right arms to show their denomination.
Priest of Cambyces.
Priests carry staffs, each have the denomination they belong to’s symbol at the head.
Each priest carries a small amount of poisonous herbs to eat if they ever break their vows.