World-Building Facts

The world of You Are All Alone is an expansive one, as such not all world-building tidbits can be incorporated organically. On this page you can find all facts, from big to small, compiled in chronological order. Listen to the episodes and refer to this page to fill out the world a little bit more in your mind. Enjoy!


1. You Are All Alone Fun Facts
2. DuPaul’s skin tone is dark olive
3. BaBa is 73 years old, ancient for a time when medicine is not wildly available.
4. BaBa’s grandson drowned in the waters off the very dock where she saw DuPaul for the first time.
5. DuPaul is 6’ 1” tall and 210 lbs.
6. Mordarium has a population of nearly 20,000 inhabitants.
7. Mordarium’s main source of food and income is provided by the sea. Expert fisherman and sailors.
8. Mordarium is viewed as a city of vice by the outside world. Gambling and prostitution are a large factor in the local economy.
9. Abe can speak 37 languages fluently.
10. The Dondo is looked upon like pigeons today. Dumb and dirty animals.
11. DuPaul has no formal training in martial arts, he has learned through experience.
12. DuPaul has no formal education, he is entirely self taught and from what he can learn from BaBa’s books.
13. Meat other than fish is a rare occurrance in Mordarium reserved mostly for the rich and well connected.
14. The story of You Are All Alone is based 1,100 years from our current time.
15. The fall of man which leads to the world of You Are All Alone happens 100 years from our current time.
16. DuPaul has icy blue eyes.
17. Abe is stronger than DuPaul.
18. Abe’s bone structure is similar to a bird. His bones are extremely thin and light but very strong, stronger than DuPauls.
19. Abe named himself from what he found in the archives after one of his hero’s Abraham Lincoln.
20. Abe’s Hyne name is Tataskimora TA-TASKI-MORE-O-which means “Speck of dust”.
21. Abe’s eyes are hazel ; the rest of the Hyne have brown eyes.
22. The Hyne as a race are all bald, man and woman alike.
23. Abe is the only one is his culture with hair on his head, which makes him stand out even further.
24. BaBa gave DuPaul his name once she adopted him.
25. DuPaul’s real name is currently unknown.
26. Gold and silver are the worlds predominate currency, some villages have their own currency backed by a gold/silver standard.
27. DuPaul doesn’t speak often, when he does people listen.
28. DuPaul has a reputation of being fair when administering justice.
29. As a boy DuPaul looked up to Micah and wanted to be a baker, until he got into his first fist fight.
30. Micah looked at DuPaul as the son he never had.
31. Abe is homosexual, which also makes him stand out in his culture.
32. Marriage for the Hyne is purely symbolic, it is purely for procreation.
33. The Hyne have a limited gene pool which can lead to deformaties that they medically cure.
34. The Hyne have collected all information from the past.
35. The Hyne store all information on quartz discs that can store 1.285 trillion terrabytes of information.
36. It has become a running gag in the villiage to get DuPaul to laugh, which still has never been confirmed.
37. The incredibly tough multipurpose leather DuPaul uses for his armor is taken from a local animal that is seal like called “porpun” POR-PUNE.
38. There is an enzyme in the meat of the Porpun that is lethal to humans so they feed all excess meat to the animals of Mordarium.
39. Mordarium does not have a standing army.
40. Mordariums military is comprised of volunteer farmers and fisherman similar to the initial Roman armies.
41. Mordarium often raids smaller villiages. It is a common practice in this world.
42. Mordarium sits on the banks of the Vorangis with a protected harbor. Major fishing and trading port.
43. DuPaul is considered a tough guy but is a voracious reader.
44. DuPaul considers himself addicted to information and is constantly working to improve his knowledge of the world.
45. BaBa was an accomplished medicine woman and helped train all the healers in the villiage.
46. Cleo is very similar to modern pit bulls in body structure.
47. DuPaul has a code; never ever hurt a child
48. DuPaul’s fighting style relies heavily on his brute strength as an initial approach.
49. There are very few warriors within the Hyne, violence is looked down upon.
50. Abe has a sister.
51. DuPaul is not Abes type.
52. There are 5 Hyne style races scattered throughout the world of You Are All Alone
53. When the world fell there were 5 distinct groups of different races who were prepared and survived.
54. The raiders of Velnias are fantastic riders and resemble the ancient Mongolians?
55. BaBa was once a warrior priestess during the tumultuous times before people eventually settled into villages.
56. After the fall of man there were only groups of nomads and hunter gatherers
57. As time has passed the history of the world before the fall has faded for 99.9% of the population.
58. BaBa is descended from survivors of the fall
59. DuPaul has the blood of kings coursing through his veins
60. Nero may be a pitiful and blood thirsty man, but he is highly cunning and intelligent like a fox
61. Zeus’s father was a mountain wolf
62. The raiders of Velnias (pop. 4,500) are rumored to be cannibals
63. The village of Matkaaja (Mat-Ka-ja) is a holy place with a population of 809 filled with monks who spread the word of the gods. It is viewed as a sanctuary city and a gateway to the outside world via the sea
64. The settlement of Paladum (Pala-doom) is a scientific and closed off community with a population of 4,271. They do not like outsiders
65. The settlement of Paladum is known for its siege technicians and equipment and well as amazing armorers. It is also one of the most heavily guarded places in the valley next to Mordarium
66. The village that Elia laid waste to was formerly Nortium (Norti-um) with a population of 1,052
67. The walls of Mordarium were built by the first era of men after the fall in order to protect themselves and the small settlement they had begun to create.
68. The walls of Mordarium were built with the assistance of the future founders of Paladum. They split from the main settlers after paranoia set in that they would be enslaved by the “warriors” of Mordarium.
69. The isle of Alexander (pop. 0) is said to be uninhabitable due to it being cursed and constantly bombarded by the sea
70. The Plodan Farm (pop. 691) is a plantation style mass farm that supplies a lot of Mordarium.
71. Most slaves taken by the Mordarium raiding parties are sent to the Plodan farm to live out their lives.
72. The settlement of Delfair to the south of Mordarium Pop. 2121 are also scientists, thought they concentrate on astronomy.
73. Delfair is left alone by the rest of the villages and settlements in the valley due to religious superstitions. The people believe astronomy and the understanding of the gods walk hand in hand
74. All priests of each denomination are trained in the ways of combat, with some denominations like that of Phyrus receiving more training than others
75. Priests are known has general healers and are often present on the battlefield.
76. Priests general wealth has grown to massive proportions, many are corrupt and greedy.
77. The Hyne typically eat no meat, but occasionally partake if it is extremely fresh.
78. DuPaul began raiding at the age of 13 and has commanded groups of up to 30 men at a time.
79. Abe can see practically perfectly in the dark as well as greater distances then the average human.
80. DuPaul often trains by punching trees and hard surfaces repeatedly and has developed a grip strength of 200 lbs psi which is extremely helpful in a warzone.
81. Abe has a beautiful voice but rarely ever sings.
82. Ellia commands a “death squad” of 5 other hyne who each fill a specific role.
83. There are always 10 “death squads” within the Hyne, no more and no less. If a Hyne child displays tendencies associated with the death squads and there is no opening their brains are chemically altered by a cocktail developed by the Hyne.
84. The Hyne are controlled by a group of 8 Elders who have their position solely based on merit.
85. BaBa does not know what happened to her husband. He went out into the settlement like any other day and never returned.
86. Nero has eyes black as coal
87. Horses from Voras are massive beasts and resemble Clydedale horses.
88. The techno organic virus developed by the Hyne is the most lethal thing/event the world has ever seen.
89. Mars and the moon are still dotted with townships and buildings from previous settlers.
90. Crows are looked at as good luck.
91. Nero is 5’ 5” tall but is built like a stump.
92. Murder and theft are common occurences within the walls of Mordarium.
93. The mound is a former landfill that had been buried by dirt and debris for more than a millennia.
94. Abe’s second hero is Albert Einstein
95. Theft in Mordarium results in a lost finger. If all the fingers are gone, they move onto toes.
96. Each settlement has rigid tax shelter and if those taxes are not paid settlers are evicted and will have an individual assigned to them to make sure they don’t return.
97. Throughout the Valley where Mordarium is located each settlement has a different way of saying goodbye to their dead.
98. Rape in Mordarium is a capital crime and results in castration if convicted. It rarely is enforced.
99. DuPauls best friend growing up betrayed him for a loaf of bread and pound of bacon.
100. Horse racing and dog racing is a major form of entertainment in Mordarium.
101. In Velnias, if there is an altercation between two men they are required to fist fight until one or both are beaten into submission
102. One of the richest people in the valley is a woman named Tanis who was a former whore, she now is a traveling Comic who gives 25% of her earnings to whorehouses throughout the valley to improve the womens living conditions.

103. DuPaul once considered become a priest of Phyrus so he could travel in and out of the Valley at will.
104. When BaBa was young she had bright red hair and was known for her quick wit
105. Dondo’s can be domesticated and are looked at as dumb pets
106. Beef and pork are considered luxuries
107. MatKaaja is the place to go if you want to disappear. They rarely if ever ask questions and are extremely accommodating, if you have the coin
108. Once Nero sets his teeth into something, he never lets go.
109. Filing your teeth in Velnias is a sign of loyalty to the settlement and a oath to never leave. If you do they will find you and kill you, along with any family in the Valley
110. Most areas are known by the name of the largest settlement and geographic boundaries. Example: The Valley of Mordarium, The Sea of Eroneous, The Coast of Thames and so on
111. There is a secret that lies in the Valley of Mordarium
112. Most ‘healers’ from Mordarium learn everything from practical experience and tradition.
113. Most ‘healers’ cannot stand the priest sect, they believe in helping others for free, while the priest are often obsessed with the monetary value of said help
114. The techno organic virus that wiped the world of humanity and what was left behind still exits and is kept secured by the Hyne for future use.
115. Combat sports such as wrestling, boxing, and duels thorough the valley are often watched as a paid spectacle with the best considered celebrities
116. There is a sect of Assassins known as the League of the Eclipse. They believe that Oralia will one day obstruct Cambyces and without oversight of Cambyces Phryus will return and wipe the world clean.
117. The League of the Eclipse is known far and wide and can be hired out to perform exceptionally difficult hits. They have never failed.
118. The bread that exists in the Valley is tough, mostly tasteless, and has an odd smell. They are used to it by now, but those who visit can smell the settlements bakeries miles away
119. There are few if any consistent laws throughout the Valley and beyond.
120. Settlements have banded together in a rough alliance before to rid the Valley of the Venians, but they are expert manipulators and sewed strife amongst their enemies, leaving them ultimately unsuccessful.
121. Most men in the Valley are small, undernourished and live harsh lives. Imagine a peasant in the Middle Ages. That’s what makes DuPaul so physically imposing, even at 6 foot tall
122. Men of war rarely wear chainmail due to its upkeep, cost, and how it limits mobility. Speed is looked upon as more favorable than raw power/defense
123. A common saying in the Valley; “If you’re not willing to work you truly must not want to eat.”
124. Many years ago Mordarium almost fell but was saved by an outbreak of disease in the enemy camp
125. Tattoos are a booming industry
126. Most settlements drinking age is 14
127. Education is not highly valued by many, but for those who do is a great avenue to wealth and power
128. Vonya lost her arm after a drought devastated the crop, resulting in a severe shortage among the members of the farm so Mordarium could feel less of a burden. She was caught stealing after having not eaten in 5 days.
129. Although Kit is very tough on his son, he has protected him from much danger and loves him in his own right.
130. Abilan is fascinated by the simple life living on a farm.
131. BaBa does not have a set destination in mind, but gold can take you anywhere.
132. DuPaul has had many lovers, but Vonya is the first woman who has truly captured his attention
133. The people of Voras and Mordarium rarely if ever get along, think North and South Korea.
134. The populations of Voras and Mordarium look very similar, but their cultures are worlds apart.
135. A way smaller settlement like Voras can hold its own thanks to their horses, which is a monumental advantage on the battlefield.
136. Most skirmishes are small, 100-150 men, but sometimes who populations can come out to play.
137. The technology in Delfair, due to their astounding engineering skills, is very steam punky but practical. They guard their secrets well.
138. As Abilans hair has started to grow out it has become lighter, especially when spending lots of time in the son.
139. Cleo has adapted so well to obeying Abilan and DuPaul because they genuinely love and care for her, something she has never experienced. It is her way of returning the gesture.
140. For a giant of a man, Wyatt is uncharacteristically afraid of insects.
141. DuPauls natural leadership skills will shine through, and garner him a loyalty and respect unheard of in the Valley.
142. The population looks a Nero like an infection, but his methods have struck fear into their hearts.
143. The average age at death for males in Mordarium is early to mid 40’s whereas women mid fifties almost always due to the strenuous lifestyle most men live.
144. Many richer males in Mordarium will wear fish scale plate armor, in vibrant colors to show off their status, although most would stand a chance.
145. There are whispers of a war brewing between the east and the west.
146. Murmurs of a ghost village to the north have spread through the valley, but any who investigate never return.
147. There is a “mail” service in the valley, but is often targeted by bandits and is very unreliable.
148. Many homes in the slums of settlements are built from baked mud and clay from the shores of the many rivers, streams and ponds.
149. Living in settlements is still a relatively new thing for many, with several generations of families remaining nomadic.
150. Wyatt is so afraid of bugs after seeing a fellow slave receive a gnat bite to the eyeball, resulting in a lost eye
151. Vonya can hold her own in a fight, using kicks and a single air of modified irons with razor sharp pieces on the finger tips, perfect for slashing.
152. Vonya would wear a prostetchic, but they are a fortune and can only be bought in Delfair.
153. One of DuPauls favorite foods is warm sweet bread misted with seawater and dipped in salt.
154. Abe knows the language of the universe which enables communication at a basic level with most life.
155. Spices are only valued by the rich as a status symbol. The poor could care less
156. Rumors of slaughtered scouting parties are reaching settlements throughout the valley.
157. Farmers and nomads are beginning tor retreat to cities, giving up their way of life due to rumors of a village slaughtering ‘ghost demon’.
158. A party has finally investigated nortium and returned, telling those in Mordarium of the mass grave of burnt corpses that was discovered.
159. The Vorasian elite guard have a requirement of 6’ 6” and 240 lb.
160. DuPaul is a brilliant tactician in the moment but lacks preplanning skills.
161. Most spears throughout the valley are made of Ash wood with heavy iron heads.
162. A folk from beyond the Eastern? Mountains has begun settling nortium.
163. Vonya and DuPaul are opposites in regard to personalities but have a similar makeup.
164. BaBa’s husband was sterile, and it forever changed their relationship for the worse.
165. No one knows BaBas age and she has even forgotten, saying it didn’t seem worth remembering.
166. Zeus is nearly full grown at 3.5’ tall and 130 lbs.
167. Nomad groups have even begun to settle due to the Raiders form the West increasing their activity.
168. DuPaul has led 7 sorties into enemy territory, including 1 water-based assault. He was victorious with all but hasn’t garnered much attention from the organizers of said sorties to due to his age an upbringing.
169. Abilans natural defensive posture models itself off tai chi.
170. Elias mental condition is deteriorating, the Hyne elders are losing control.
171. Abilan is extremely clever, solving puzzles for fun as a boy into adulthood.
172. Abilans dry humor is slowly growing on DuPaul
173. Zeus’s neck is 17” in diameter before he is even fully grown.
174. The engineers of Delfair have designed an arrow with an iron tip for piercing armor and thick leather with a stem of copper so it breaks off on impact for harder removal.
175. Both pups are shorthair but have exceptionally thick coats, they also shed constantly.
176. Abilan has taken to singing and brushing the pups to relax, developing a relationship with them that runs deep.
177. Most weapons throughout the valley are made of iron, some are made of steel and bear a reverence such as Dupauls sword.
178. Only 3 blacksmiths in the valley can work steel, and now 2 are left due to Elia.
179. Elia has watched Abe grow and his humanity shine through and is envious and uncharacteristically angry about it.
180. Elia is 792-0 throughout combat training. She is one of the most brutal Hyne who has ever lived.