Supplemental Episode 1-BaBa

Welcome back to You Are All Alone. Here is the first episode of a supplemental series of episodes to compliment the show. I have received a lot of questions about BaBa’s fate and hopefully this episode will begin to answer some. Enjoy and don’t forget to rate us on iTunes or follow us on twitter @alone_podcast for updates!

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Download here: Supplemental 1-BaBa

Remix Episode 1-DuPaul

Welcome back to You Are All Alone. Here is the promised remix of episode 1 with improved audio quality and some small changes to the story. If you’re new check it out. The original will be kept posted to the site for future laughs! Enjoy!

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Download here: Remix Episode 1-DuPaul

Things in life…..

Things in life tend to happen that are out of our control. Due to one of these unforseen circumstances the episode due today will not be released on time. My attention has been drawn elsewhere at this time, but I did want to make you folks aware of what is to come. I have posted a new image today of Abe, the map of Mordarium mentioned in the podcast is nearly complete and it is MASSIVE! and has been a lot of fun to work on and will be coming soon. I also have two brand new episodes on the horizon as well as a remake of episode one to improve on quality and a supplemental episode focusing on BaBa for those of you who have been asking. Lots of content coming soon, I promise. Don’t forget to rate us on iTunes, it is very helpful and follow us on Twitter @alone_podcast for any news and updates.

I’ll see ya’ll next time.

Episode 7-The Truth

Welcome back to You Are All Alone. We learn more about Abe, and that DuPaul faces a startling realization. Don’t forget to check out the Twitter feed @alone_podcast for updates on the show as well as our new book version of You Are All Alone available now on the Kindle Store!

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